TUSK Music Presents

TUSK Festival 2020

September 28-October 11


TUSK Fringe Event Listings

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TUSK FRINGE 1 and 2 Artist Video snippets



Saturday 3rd October 12am / 12pm Repeat


YOL (Man o’th’our absolutely griefs the blue peter out of your memories in the soft drizzle of hard brit lads)

Marie Thompson (ruthless critique of all existing avant-dullard impediments)


Confield Corrosion Crew (freezer full of rhizomes simulcasting anonymous worldscrapings to the prion–brain’d public and baked beans golems) visuals from Dede

With DJ Rosa Methol 




  1. Translocal Peripheries: The Morden Tower with Adam Denton, Rosie Lewis, Ben Ponton, Paul Kelly and Hasan Gaylani.


2.Alex Niven in conversation with Stewart Smith: Basil Bunting at Morden Tower


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Sunday 4th October 

TUSK FRINGE 2  12am / 12pm Repeat

PLASTIGLOMERATE (Tru North magnetophiles crack oot the weaponry and crack open the snowglobes for a deep mercurial feast)

Tina Krekels x Adam Campbell (Down through an abandon-worthy aquifer network from Glasgow to your gow)

Abiboss (Siberian windstorm electronics for the deep-bleak hours)

GHÖSH (Hypercolour macropop neo-DHR grime-punk heroix cyberbully your oculus infame)


Sunday 10.30am – 12pm


Broadcast on TUSK TV

What will happen? It can only go wrong!

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Saturday 10th October 

TUSK FRINGE 3  12am / 12pm Repeat

David Howcroft x  SwarmFront (Digitoid reinvockation of last year’s prehistoric tumult/ulus ritual)

josie sparrow (New Socialist editor grinds the poetic and the political and by god the sparks!)

Firas Khnaisser x  Dave Murray-Rust (Warbled digi-analogue cedarwood smoke and the shattering of prisms)

Shelley Parker (Danceflaw-unfolding shin-height boomerangs and the vectorisation of the innest self)

With DJs Jennifer Walton, Peb and Spill Kit


4.30pm – 6.30pm TUSK X TUSK FRINGE TALKS


David Howcroft and Andy Wood on TQ NauT: In conversation with Mariam Rezaei 

Since their unconnected inception in mid 2017, TQ (zine – Andy Wood) and N-aut (tapes –David Howcroft) have been actively supporting each other in their work and developing the  synergy of both enterprises. Meeting in North East England once a month to share ideas and plans, it was decided to make real an idea we had discussed on many occasions : TQ NauT.


Mariam talks with David and Andy about the ups, downs and findings of running a zine, bootlegging gigs and making a brand new record label.



Martin Archer talks about Discus Music with Stewart Smith


Martin Archer is a composer / improviser who is equally at home on stage or in the studio. His own distinctive saxophone playing is rooted in AACM jazz. Through his use of keyboards and electronics, and as a studio producer, he extends this interest into extended song form and leftfield rock music. His principle music work is the Discus Music label, the imprint for his various releases, and increasingly releases by other artists.


In this conversation with Stewart Smith, Archer takes us on a journey through jazz, prog, electronic music and song, with reflections on the Sheffield music scene and his collaboration with Julie Tippets. He also introduces rare live footage of his cosmic music ensemble The Orchestra Of Upper Atmospheres.  


“Archer’s aesthetic is an intriguing and transformative one—whatever enters his world comes out changed, if not utterly, then beautifully.” – DUNCAN HEINING


Sunday 11th October 12am / 12pm Repeat




2DRUNK2CODE (computer-on-computer death-coded interrupts from both the actual and mythical Tokyo)

YOL (this guy again)

STABLE + FK ALEXANDER + PENSTKART (Dragon Soop ESQ bile-duct flyouts to pixellate eyeballs and stop the dead dead in their trax)

DRVG CVLTVRE (Dutch oddance lynchpin brings for that ol’ parliamentacannibalist groove) with visuals by Sigrid Calon

With DJs SW1N-Hunter and KENOSIST


Sunday 11th October 10am  TUSK X TUSK FRINGE TALKS – On Improvisation


Gwilly Edmondez  talks about Experimental Improvisation in Wales 

Stewart Smith on Things That Zap The Mind: Improvised Music In 1970s Scotland.