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TUSK Editions

April also sees us launch TUSK Editions, a monthly digital publication that merges the old school record club idea with the current evolution of digital publishing and music releasing in the age of Covid/Brexit. TUSK Editions will launch with the first collaborative album by renowned Tyneside electronic producers Stephen Bishop (Opal Tapes) and Mariam Rezaei, an exclusive archival live recording from the legendary Jim O’Rourke, an intercontinental mix from the Hive Mind Records label.

Over 2 hours of exclusive digital music releases are accompanied by a 42-page full-colour digital magazine led by Stewart Smith’s 5000-word interview with the legendary William Parker , lockdown thoughts from our first TUSK TV host Jennifer Lucy Allan and more.

TUSK Editions#1 is now available for pre-order here

**TUSK Editions will cost £10 monthly – those joining our membership scheme will find it automatically in their inbox on the first Friday of each month.