TUSK Music Presents

TUSK Festival 2019

October 11-13


London-based vocal and movement artist Elaine Mitchener has been on our radar for a little while, interest further piqued recently when a TUSK teamster was wowed by her live show at Colour Out Of Space. To TUSK she brings The Rolling Calf, the avowed black power trio she cohabits with Jason Yarde (sax) and Neil Charles (bass) and that winds wracked improvisations around revolutionary African-Diasporic texts. “The name references a chain-rattling half man half goat creature of Jamaican folklore, and their continuous song-free improvisation (sees) each of the three breaking loose from rigid instrumental conventions, Mitchener’s ululating throatcalls as likely to provide any passage’s core riff, while Yarde variously pedals and cajoles his saxophones to speak in different voices and Charles saws, plucks and beats roaring acts of melancholy defiance from his bass.” (Biba Kopf, The Wire)