TUSK Music Presents

TUSK Festival 2019

October 11-13


Even after 33 years of their existence, it’s still difficult to find a phrase that encapsulates the grandeur of a live performance by The Necks. As author Geoff Dyer wrote, they “are sometimes categorised as a jazz trio – which is fine as long as this is immediately qualified by adding that they’ve completely re-conceived the idea of the jazz trio.” Consisting of grand piano, upright bass and the most atypical of drummers, jazz is suggested through their instrumentation yet almost subliminally through their music, arguably summoning Charlemagne Palestine and his Strumming Music as much as anything that fits the “jazz” definition. Alice Coltrane is a notable comparison summoned when listening to The Necks, though perhaps more for the similar feeling of psychic elevation through listening than any shared compositional approach. Though barely seeming to notice each other when on stage, the trio set out with no route map and work seamlessly in unison to gradually build great waves of sound and feeling that lift you off your feet and carry you helplessly through the great tidal swells of euphoric sound, setting you down at the end with little idea of where or when you are.