TUSK Music Presents

TUSK Festival 2020

September 28-October 11


Where do we start with The Dead C? Well most recently, the TUSK Team were very excited about heading to London for their 3-day Café Oto residency in May – that is, until the pandemic stuck its nose in, of course. The Dunedin, NZ trio’s UK appearances are a rare and beautiful thing (last time we managed to see them was Thurston Moore’s 2006 ATP) so though Covid-19 scuppered our chances of seeing them again in the flesh, we saw an opportunity to include them in our equally messed-up and re-configured plans.

So how to describe the sound of The Dead C to those unaware? Well it’s the sound of bent and pliable tunings, rhythms and tempos, vocals sliding off the sofa and two guitars, vocals and drums playing together yet easily distracted and vacantly strolling off in their own direction. Or as Hasan Gaylani of the TUSK Team would say, “The greatest rock n roll band in the world!!” They came to international attention via the seminal US label Siltbreeze in the early 90s, albums like Harsh 70’s Reality and Tusk (!) jabbing their wonky sonic flag into the ground. They don’t need to use extreme volume to completely overwhelm you – its more the discordance and stream-of-consciousness meandering that suck you in, the hopeless can’t-quite-get-off-the-floor vocals and collective arrhythmia that grasp you in their benign, intoxicated talons. Such power through such sonic apathy. Indescribable legends.