TUSK Music Presents

TUSK Festival 2018

October 12-14


Talks and discussions have always been a key ingredient of any TUSK weekend and over the years we’ve delved deeper into the thoughts of Rhys Chatham, Borbetomagus, Ashley Paul, Aaron Dilloway and many others. We have two more conversations for you this weekend and both threaten to be illuminating and entertaining in very different ways.

On Saturday at 1pm we have Marlo DeWara (you’ll also know her as Marlo Eggplant and will see her performing live later the same day), Ingrid Plum and Miranda Iossifidis talking about their experiences with feminist collectives.  Ladyz in Noyz emerged in 2003 to promote the involvement – and acknowledgement – of women in noise and other musics. Marlo speaks as a performer and one of the founding Ladyz while Ingrid is a sound artist and also curator of Brighton’s female-focused series Bechdel. Miranda will be speaking about her experience with recent projects within Sonic Cyberfeminisms  network. The panel will talk about diverse gender involvement and recognition in all areas of leftfield music, be it promotion, production or performance.

And then on Sunday at the same time, Blackpool’s illustrious Ceramic Hobs talk to our genial host Joincey about their 33 Years At The Bottom End Of Showbusiness – how the band came together, how its evolved over the years, influences on the band (including their experiences of the mental health system and their involvement in Mad Pride), their other artistic outlets, including Simon Morris’s writing, and where they can possibly go from here.