TUSK Music Presents

TUSK Festival 2020

September 28-October 11


The classic outsider artist approach ā€“ keep strumming/shouting/cut nā€™ pasting for 35 years, pushing out countless releases and artefacts, getting through around 50 occasional/erstwhile band members and, only now and then, wondering if anyone is listening.

Creativity for its own sake is our favourite kind and Gary Lang is knee-deep in it, ruled only by his own humour and aesthetics, his occasional sense of the absurd and then, out of the blue, he hurls a true heartbreaker at you. SJI can veer from post-country indie combo to computer-assembled collage of calamity, stopping at all stations in between and illuminating each one.

We love a good auteur and we love to drag them from under their rocks, kicking and screaming, to wider attention. Gary seems to have gone into overdrive in lockdown, producing an ongoing stream of productive lava in musical and written form and, though already much loved in the North East of England, we look forward to your reactions from further afield.