TUSK Music Presents

TUSK Festival 2020

September 28-October 11


2020 and its various carriers of social concern have made this year a time of reaching out to old friends, checking in with folks you may not see that often but you care that they’re ok and want to remind them of your number. To the delight of the Northern no-audience underground, we brought Miguel Perez aka Skull Mask to TUSK in 2016 – an event his many UK correspondents thought may never happen. He’s become a close friend and supporter of the festival ever since and naturally best wishes have been frequently exchanged in the ether that moves between Newcastle, England and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. It only seemed right that we brought him back into the fold in this challenging year and welcomed back his “Improvised, psychedelic ragas that are influenced by ritual music from around the world, including the shamanistic tradition of his native country, filtered through his own experiences of the Mexican wilderness.” (Rob Hayler).

Skull Mask is:
Miguel Pérez – Guitar / Bass
Shelter Fher – Drums