TUSK Music Presents

TUSK Festival 2018

October 12-14


Saboteuse is an under-used entity covering the collaboration of two very productive members of the Northern underground, Joincey and Andy Jarvis. Under-used as in they first convened as Saboteuse in 2005 and we’d like to hear more. Between them both, they’re a veritable cottage industry, separately and together appearing with/as Inca Eyeball, Stuckometer, The Bonogleeros, Silver Dick and many more. As Idwal Fisher notes, “Two of the longest running members of the ‘No Audience Underground’ from the days when it was just the plain old underground. Without them the place just wouldn’t be the same”, going on to relish how “Joincey and Jarvis run free and wild within song structures of an experimental nature creating all manner of oddities, ranging from late Whitehouse like breathy menace to all out Wyrd English Folk [if there is such a thing] and plenty of more in between.”