TUSK Music Presents

TUSK Festival 2020

September 28-October 11


Posset is the work of Newcastle’s Joe Murray. After ploughing his idiosyncratic furrow for two decades now, he’s lately getting the plaudits due via releases for Chocolate Monk, collaborations with Glands Of Eternal Secretion and many more. The innate poetry of the human voice and the in-built fragility of magnetic tape seem to be Joe’s two foremost concerns in his quest to amplify the noises between the spoken lines and superfluous to the functioning of the machine; the functional, the incidental, the whirring of the gears within and their involuntary and oft discarded emoting is brought to the fore in the sound of Posset. It’s not all about the big picture for this fella, it’s the unintended and purportedly irrelevant that grabs him most and he’ll use it to grab you too.