TUSK Music Presents

TUSK Festival 2019

October 11-13


We got chatting to Hilary Jeffery of Mir8 at TUSK 2018 and it turns out he plays on one of our favourite records of 2017, Ellen Arkbro’s For Organ And Brass. He then told us about Mir8 and was kind enough to pass us some vinyl which, in post-TUSK repose, offered the perfect sense of
dislocation and timelessness. Mir8 is a duo of Hilary and Tim Wright, with the special addition of Newcastle’s Faye MacCalman on reeds for this performance to supplement the amalgamation of brass and electronics in a brand new piece created especially for TUSK. Perihelion, the album which we’ve been enjoying was produced in 2017 by Werner Dafeldecker. It is a beautifully realised work both in its production and in the sensations it evokes – its orchestral in scope and may well convince the listener she has left our atmosphere, there are subtle elements of experimental electronics yet it is casually timeless and indefinable. Mir8 certainly bend time, no question about that.