TUSK Music Presents

TUSK Festival 2020

September 28-October 11


We have a lot to be pleased about in the North east of England. Despite being one of the most deprived areas in the UK, even Europe, we have great organisers, producers, makers, do-ers coming out of ears. Two such Tyneside titans are Mariam and Stephen, respectively head of The Old Police House/turntablist and producer extraordinaire and founder/boss of the great Opal Tapes label and recording artist aka Basic House, Lacrima and others. Both long-time friends and allies of TUSK and, along with many other local legends, the reason we needed a TUSK Festival in the first place – not just to bring the artists we love here but to let the world know of the North East’s bigger than average share of musical genius. Remarkably, this is their first collaboration and expectations are accordingly high.