TUSK Music Presents

TUSK Festival 2019

October 11-13


Its hard to imagine that there are two more hyperactively busy people that could form a duo together. Lasse Marhaug – Norwegian emitter of countless sublime noise blasts as himself and various pseudonyms, as part of numerous groups including Jazkamer and Testicle Hazard, relentless collaborator with everyone from Maja Ratkje to Sunn O))), runs the great Pica Disk label, produces the Personal Best mag, fantastic graphic designer and expert on teas and infusions of the world. Mariam Rezaei – CEO of The Old Police House and producer of TUSK Fringe, turntablist extraordinaire, choir leader, band leader, Doctor, teacher, soundtracker, performer, producer, relentless do-er – it’s a miracle this renaissance duo hadn’t swerved into each other’s orbits before.
At TUSK Mariam and Lasse will perform the piece The 42 Mirrors Of Narcissus, each playing two turntables and accompanied by string quartet in a composition combining Sufi poetry and the idea of a contemporary Narcissus trapped in an online prism.