TUSK Music Presents

TUSK Festival 2018

October 12-14


Perhaps best known as part of the Anima ensemble formed in 1970s Germany with then husband Paul Fuchs, Limpe’s career began at the limits of musical possibility and has resolutely made that zone her home ever since. Even in the musically amorphous early 70s, many of her contemporaries from the free jazz and krautrock worlds found her approaches too challenging and unbound to work with. Clearly a force of nature and now well into her eighth decade, Limpe is driving herself and many kilos and metres of self-built instruments all the way from Bavaria to Gateshead to bless us with her singular approach to music making. When you witness someone creating music that knows in their own mind that they have found the key, regardless of established form or opinion, and pursues that with a kind of blissful and all-consuming purpose, it can be quite magical to witness. This is what we can expect from Limpe’s performance at TUSK.