TUSK Music Presents

TUSK Festival 2020

September 28-October 11


We’ve long been admirers of Laura Cannell, first connecting with her for TUSK 2014 where her deconstructed bow and double recorder charmed an audience whose eardrums had been challenged by Hijokaidan and Borbetomagus that same weekend. It’s a deep and transporting sound, one Laura herself simply refers to as minimalist chamber music but that can easily send the mind hurtling through indistinct ancient fields and buildings or soaring into the sky as on the wings of some great corvid. But that and references to the likes of Hildegaard von Bingen can’t obscure the fact that Laura’s music has its feet in the past but its eyes to the future, her music rendered thoroughly timeless as a result. And as well as her own wonderful series of albums, she’s been remixed by Ekoplekz and Hacker Farm, collaborated with Bass Clef, Charles Hayward, Mark Fell and more and certainly become something of a UK underground treasure.