TUSK Music Presents

TUSK Festival 2019

October 11-13


The enigmatic yet magnetic Texan, rumoured to be monickered Sterling Smith yet largely operating via the title ‘a representative of Corwood Industries’, Jandek is the name of the purveyor of a lonely, angular, electrical angst that has generated a mile-long cult discography and only the merest splattering of ultra-rare live shows. Of course mystery is nothing unless people are drawn like moths to the light of your creations and numerous writers and documenters have tried to pull back the curtain somewhat on the wizard of Jandek. His music is as hard to nail sometimes too, occasionally like a glass-jawed Southern-states Dead C but streams of consciousness always underlying the current. At TUSK, the concept that is Jandek will see Corwood’s rep’ accompanied by a rhythm section that he’ll meet on the day, that do not know each other musically and will not rehearse together. Sparks will fly.