TUSK Music Presents

TUSK Festival 2019

October 11-13


At TUSK 2019 we welcome back FARMER GLITCH to present his
Farmer Glitch (a.k.a. Stephen Ives), a member of electronic mavericks Hacker Farm and REEL is renowned for customising the discarded – transforming rusted buckets and old cameras into potent noise-machines. In addition he specialises in his own line of compact and affordable noise-makers to suit a range of tastes.

This year he will deliver two workshops to build ‘The Crackler’, an interpretation of the 1960s experimental circuit originally developed at the Steim Institute in the 1960s – The Crackle Box (more info here – http://steim.org/product/cracklebox/). This is an important design for the movement that became known as circuit-bending and circuit experimentation/abuse. For musicians it is a great performance instrument for improvision.

We only have 10 places per workshops and they cost £20 per person – and of course you get to take home your own Crackle Box! Places are available on a first-come basis and booking is secured by paying the £20 fee via Paypal. Please contact us at tuskmusic1@gmail.com to grab your place now.