TUSK Music Presents

TUSK Festival 2020

September 28-October 11


“It’s not punk. It’s not art. It’s not even music. And it’s definitely not a haircut.” So said Maine native Crank Sturgeon in a Psychedlic Baby interview a couple of years back while celebrating 25 years of his assumed identity and its 150th release. The first instrument he’ll reach for is always a contact mic – he loves them so much he even makes and sells his own range, plus a variety of fascinating noisemakers.

Live, he’s a force like none other – a bizarrely attired custodian of a table-top of home-made electronics and modified-instruments hurling a collage of electronic scree, amplified freeform vocal splurges and the mutant sounds of various re-appropriated objects. A largely unknown legend of the trans-Atlantic underground though lauded by those who know, ramshackle and raucous performance in dusty small rooms by the likes of Crank, IDM Theftable, Posset are the bread and butter of the Tyneside noise community and, like the loveliest car crash, impossible to turn away from.