TUSK Music Presents

TUSK Festival 2020

September 28-October 11


Is there any other folk music anywhere that really speaks of dust, distance and despair like that of the Tylers? Anyone else making folk music without resort to prettiness but with visceral emotion, aching hearts and overwhelming love? Cath & Phil Tyler are genuine jewels in the North East music scene – virtuoso musicians just wanting to relay the stories of times gone past in their own raw, unaffected, heart-melting but occasionally emotionally eviscerating way. They played the very first TUSK in 2011 and have also returned to lead Sacred Harp workshops; Cath also appeared on bass in Rhys Chatham’s band at TUSK 2011 for the rendition of his Guitar Trio piece. While other folk types flaunt MBEs and make winsome reinterpretations, Cath and Phil mess with the very blood and guts that folk music is, leaving us all emotionally red-handed.