TUSK Music Presents

TUSK Festival 2019

October 11-13


Now happily resident in Heaton and warmly adopted members of the Tyneside free music society, Susan Fitzpatrick and Stuart Arnot have honed a small but perfectly formed discography since 2013 using little more than field recordings, every day objects and quietly genius-laden vocal improvisations. As TUSK’s own Joe Murray says on the Singing Knives site of their Aura Mirror Come Fickle, Anachronous Law and Manner tape, “The groans of a rust-encrusted seal playing a brine-swollen concertina are coupled with blustery backwards blowing raising a fair old foamy sea spiral. The world of field recordings shouldn’t go without mention as parts of this (17 mins in on side one) sound like a secret taping of The Art Ensemble of Chicago clocking off, changing into baggy pants and dialling out for pizza.  Hot Potato Daddio!” Don’t make it hard for yourself, just enjoy that there are people in this world who can pick up some trivial quotidian item or spontaneous train of thought and make or contribute to some arrangement of sound that is going to transport you to another place.