TUSK Music Presents

TUSK Festival 2020

September 28-October 11


Without doubt one of the most memorable performances we’ve had to date at TUSK was that of Oberlin, Ohio resident, proprietor of Hanson Records and erstwhile member of Wolf Eyes, Aaron Dilloway in 2015. Summoning the film Scanners and conducting such cacophonous euphoria from his table of boxes and gadgets, his agony/ecstasy-riven face blasted large onto the screen behind him, Aaron created one of the most impactful moments of our first decade. His sprawling range of output is increasingly highly sought, prices on certain items reaching for the sky on his Discog.com page. And rightly so – of the millions of noise emitters internationally, people like Aaron are one of the few who’ll be remembered as pushing the experimental sound envelope in years to come, albums like Modern Jester hailed as landmarks in the journey of noise music. The Hanson label has also been very influential, bringing artists like Emeralds to wider awareness for the first time. So – a seminal figure in this world; we tend not to have people at TUSK more than once in our still-formative existence but how could we not bring back that master of tones, loops and feedback, Aaron Dilloway?