TUSK Music Presents

TUSK Festival 2016

October 14-16


Yol uses voice and sound to create performances and recordings that could succinctly be described as “a cross between an angry Phil Minton and the New Blockaders’” (Idwal Fisher). Its important to account for the emotional release – and possible alarm – that comes from witnessing Yol in full flight though as he dives headlong into the less sanguine areas of the psychological spectrum in a way that conjures images of Lars Von Trier’s The Idiots veering their attentions towards post-free-improv industrial splatter. A slightly simplistic comparison perhaps but the feeling of something internal let loose is undeniably shared.

Yol is also a collaborator, including his work as part of Neck Vs Throat with Miguel ‘Skull Mask’ Perez and, lately, our own Joe ‘Posset” Murray. Starting Sunday at TUSK with a live Yol performance will no doubt make caffeine irrelevant and blow torch the sense to readiness for another day of sensual overload.