TUSK Music Presents

TUSK Festival 2020

September 28-October 11


The Frank and Nancy of deranged freeform electrochunder? Yeah You appeared at TUSK before they’d even adopted that name, compering us all the way through our especially raucous (Hijokaidan, Borbetomagus, EEK et al) 2013 edition. Watching them develop over the years has been a marvel and a source of much local joy, not least the very symbiotic relationship between Gwilly and Elvin, The Old Police House and the Newcastle/Gateshead underground in general. No one here of course is surprised at the warmth with which their spontaneous eructations have been received much further afield, Elvin in particular also getting knee deep in some fantastic collaborations. If you didn’t hear that Late Junction session she did with Tony Allen and Pat Thomas, you should remedy that shortcoming forthwith.

So – two people sat on the floor with small, indistinct boxes and a mic, not even looking at you or seemingly aware of your existence, screaming digitally and vocally into the abyss. And one of the most liberating and joyous musical experiences you’re ever likely to have.