TUSK Music Presents

TUSK Festival 2020

October 9-11


It’d be reasonable to call Whistling Arrow a leftfield supergoup, comprising as it does This Heat’s Charles Hayward on drums, Laura Cannell, whose recorders blissed out the TUSK 2014 audience, multi-instrumentalist Andre Bossman and prepared-guitar hammerers Ex-Easter Island Head. The sextet arose from collaborations created during Cannell’s touring Modern Ritual project in 2016 and chimed so resonantly together that they reconvened shortly afterwards for a day of recording in Liverpool. This led to their divine eponymous album, out last year on the God Unknown label – a listening pleasure that quickly summoned comparisons with late-era Talk Talk and Vibracathedral Orchestra. Purely intended as a recording project, we’re delighted to have persuaded Whistling Arrow to bring a one-off live performance to TUSK.