TUSK Music Presents

TUSK Festival 2017

October 13-15


Over 200 people have performed under the UBS banner since 2001, their continued obscurity belied by plaudits from The Wire, fRoots, Uncut and others. With their foundation as folk and its darker corners, the Students hurl numerous influences at tradition to create a silty, earthen kind of shamanic elevation. David Colohan, who you may have seen as part of Meitheal with Vicky Langan and Mike Gangloff at TUSK 2012, is always at the heart of the Studies, as lately is Alison O’Donnell of cult Irish psych-folkers Mellow Candle (the band she formed with Clodagh Simonds of TUSK 2016 showstoppers Fovea Hex).

“This is real modern folk music, respectful of its past but in no thrall to have to fit within any conventions. You could find no better school to study at. Open your books and begin the lesson.” (The Active Listener)