TUSK Music Presents

TUSK Festival 2018

October 12-14


LA-based Canadian Sarah Davachi beguiled us last year with her All My Circles Run album (Students Of Decay), a quintet of extensively scrutinized micro-events for voice, piano, chanter, organ and strings (one instrument per piece). Like all great minimalists, Davachi hovers over the now, extending its tenure and delaying it’s becoming then while she picks its elements apart. Naturally our perception of time is bent in the process and the confusion feels transcendental. Her arsenal blends synthesis with wind and strings and, like Suzanne Ciani, Charles Cohen and others, the Buchla Music Easel is a central part of her working, though she perhaps has a more ‘chamber’, less strictly electronic approach.

Currently a doctoral candidate in musicology, Davachi has still managed to issue a growing canon of pleasingly suffocating albums and shared stages internationally with previous TUSK players such as Grouper, Aaron Dilloway and Oren Ambarchi. At Sage this October, Sarah will appear with a small ensemble of string players to create what we expect to be a truly elevating experience.