TUSK Music Presents

TUSK Festival 2018

October 12-14


When we asked Robert for a biog, his concision could not be faulted. “Hello Newcastle, tusk and the world I am the Cardboard Prince and I am coming to play 4 u.” To be fair, Robert and his slew of tapes, videos and artefacts are hard to do justice to in mere words so maybe we should leave it to the Cassette Gods blog: “Ridley-Shackleton is bigger than Kanye, honestly, he says so himself, and he sings over noise, just noise, and his voice is your pop song ground through a nightmare of processors until there is no song and nothing else but ol’ Robert’s daily doings, musique concrèted properly and with great disdain for rational thought… Each sound pops and scrapes and fillets imaginary body parts that don’t exist in this dimension. Lops em right off. And my copy of this was recorded over a Children’s Talking Bible tape, like it bloody oughta. Were they all? I hope so.” Robert will be one of the stars of our annual series of performances in confined spaces for small audiences at this year’s TUSK, so be sure to sign up in time.

Robert will perform at 3pm on Saturday and 3pm on Sunday – please email info@tuskfestival.com to book your place.