TUSK Music Presents

TUSK Festival 2018

October 12-14


Last year as part of the TUSK film programme we presented a 22 minute film of a visit to the holy town of Pushkar in India, known for its huge camel fair, the Pushkar Mela, fun fair attractions, street music and rituals (see the Vimeo link below). The film was made by Maarten van der Glas (aka VJ Indivisuals) and Sebastiaan Bassleer (aka DJ SebCat), both part of the Rebel Up! Soundclash collective and has grown into an audio-visual prject that will be released later this year by Rebel Up! Sounclash in collaboration with label and TUSK favourites Sublime Frequencies.

In terms of performance, the film has now become a live cinema experience with Maarten and Seb at the controls, manipulating and remixing the film live and overlaying it with extra layers of sound and vision to create a disorientating cinematic trip. The performance of Rajasthan Live Cinema will literally be served as the icing on the cake of our ever more renowned film programme, as your TUSK 2018 experience merges from film back into a final third night of thrilling live performance.