TUSK Music Presents

TUSK Festival 2016

October 14-16


How do we sell you a sarcasm-soaked sample-a-delic critique of rampant First World pillage of the Middle East and global religious bigotry? You’ll know Mark Gergis from the many amazing compilations of music from across the globe that he’s produced for Sublime Frequencies and for his key role in bringing Omar Souleyman to non-Syrian ears. You may also know his own Sham Palace label that has released, amongst other gems, the Los Siquicos Litoraleños album. Porest is Gergis’ response to variously conflicted political mindsets and a somehow often funny look at the many atrocities casually sprinkled around the globe as a result. Be sure to hear the genius Porest album Tourrorists! ahead of TUSK too (and the new Porest record, Modern Journal Of Popular Savagery, out imminently on the great Nashazphone label).

So what motivates Gergis? “Well, growing up half Arab in America is different than not growing up half Arab. I’ll never really know what it would be like to peacefully eat bologna sandwiches in grade school without being called Khomeini-face or Gaddafi or something. I vowed artistic revenge on my classmates at an early age, knowing full well that I’d make an album like “Tourrorists!” that they’d never hear.”