TUSK Music Presents

TUSK Festival 2018

October 12-14


Its slightly baffling to see all the things musically that Lucy Railton has done and the people she’s played with and then to find that Paradise 94, out this year on Modern Love, is her first album. Such brevity is easily forgiven though when such a bewitching record is the result. Perhaps primarily known as a cellist, she’s also been a resident at EMS Stockholm and collaborated with Peter Zinovieff and TUSK favourites Rhodri Davies and Beatrice Dillon and considers her musical zone to be at the fork of 3 musical roads: classical instrumentalism, improvisation and hard edged electronic music. Paradise 94 is a liquefied collage of sounds and sources and a gamut of evocations all the way from grinding strings and rasping bridges to post-rave reverie, drawing on cello, church organ, esteemed modular monoliths and more.