TUSK Music Presents

TUSK Festival 2018

October 12-14


Konstrukt are a quintet that emerged in Istanbul in the mid-noughties and that find themselves in the odd position of being utterly unknown at home but with admirers across Europe, the US and elsewhere. A love of the traditional music of their homeland informs the strong free-jazz core that provides the backbone of their music, though they can be just as easily heard playing grimy, granular improv, pants-down punk or electronics-heavy car crashes. Your work-a-day arch jazz journo would credit them with “serious chops” – they can build, deconstruct and just gratuitously kick out the jams as well as anyone and their recent album with Keiji Haino is as eviscerating as anything we’ve heard by the Tokyo master in recent years. Collaboration is Konstrukt’s great love and their discograpny is heavy with meetings with such greats as Joe McPhee, Brotzmann, Graham Massey, Marshall Allen and more. So you can imagine how excited we are to be presenting the first meeting between Konstrukt and Otomo Yoshihide at this year’s TUSK.