TUSK Music Presents

TUSK Festival 2016

October 14-16


Guttersnipe are one of those bands that sound like they must have half a dozen members from the pure ecstasy of raucousness they emit, when they are in fact a duo. It’s the sound of a guitar played with a whole junkyard of scrap metal thrown at it and drums assaulted with telegraph poles, the vocals those of someone trying to escape the resultant carnage. Kek-W (of Hacker Farm) tried to find suitable comparisons in his review of their Demo but Boredoms (“but live Boredoms sped up”), Lightning Bolt, PIL and “an old Associates album at 178rpm in a wind tunnel” still didn’t do justice to the violent emotional release that Guttersnipe’s sound invokes.
Still barely known and yet to venture far from their Yorkshire turf, we’re so excited to bring Guttersnipe to TUSK and to see the reactions in Hall Two when the duo are in full flight. As Kek-W concludes: “And Dear God Sweet Jesus thank you, is this not the music we’ve waited for and deserve?”