TUSK Music Presents

TUSK Festival 2017

October 13-15


Gateshead artist White Fingers brings a series of small-audience performances to TUSK this weekend entitled FINGERS TO THE BONE. Intimate/extreme performances for small numbers in small spaces have become something of a tradition at TUSK and have included such spectacles as Junko of Hijokaidan delivering her singular approach to extreme vocalisation within limited confines and the great Bongoleeros with their Yorkshire rockabilly otherworldliness. With FINGERS TO THE BONE, Jenn Parry is revealed in bespoke costume surreality and disarming light to audiences of 7 at a time to explore trance states, inner secrets, unrealised wishes and unspoken aspirations. Booking for the available slots to experience FINGERS TO THE BONE opened in the week leading up to the festival and available slots will be bookable if you speak to one of our volunteers during the week- end. Look out for Jenn appearing and interacting amongst the audience at various points in the festival too.

There will be 3 FINGERS TO THE BONE sessions on TUSK weekend: 3pm on Saturday and 3pm and 4pm Sunday. Places are very limited so please email info@tuskfestival.com with the subject line FINGERS and your contact details and places will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.