TUSK Music Presents

TUSK Festival 2016

October 14-16


PLEASE NOTE: both Saturday workshops have now sold out but an extra one has been added for 2pm on the Sunday and is now on sale.

You’ll no doubt remember Stephen Ives aka Farmer Glitch as one-third of the great Hacker Farm when they delivered a dislocated set of agricultural improv techno at TUSK 2013. The trio are renowned for customizing the discarded into prime sonic devices and the Farmer himself specializes in his own line of compact and affordable noise-makers to suit a range of devious tastes. This year at TUSK, Stephen will deliver two workshops offering the chance of creating a “a cute little noise maker” he calls the Atari Punk Console and one workshop where you can build your own PunkSeq10, which is the Atari unit with added 10-step sequencer. Prices are eminently affordable (£15 and £20 respectively per person) and you walk away with a lovely new addition to your armoury, but places are limited to 10 people per workshop so book while you can – more details below.

The two Atari Punk Console workshops will take place at 11am and 2pm on Saturday 15th October. The PunkSeq10 workshop takes at 11am on Sunday 16th October. Book your space now here

Eastville Project Space – Synth Building Workshops

Eastville Project Space (eastvilleproject.org.uk) – An independent art space in Yeovil, Somerset – providing a creative hub for artists, musicians, designers and hackers; offering art and culture to those living and working in and around Yeovil.

Farmer Glitch (founder of Hacker Farm) will be leading two workshops to build a stand-alone synths that is yours at the end of each session.

The following workshops are available :

Atari Punk Console:
Atari Punk Console workshop to create a cute little noise making, standalone synth with built in amp and speaker for portable noise-goodness that makes a great basis for other synth projects.
An ideal project for young people and beginners.

The workshop is £15 – all materials will be provided, and participants will be able to keep the synths upon completion of the sessions.

A synth combining a 10 step sequencer and an Atari Punk Console for glitchy grooves. Great project for those with previous soldering experience – not suitable for beginners. This consists of a distorted-noise machine – being driven by a step-sequencer – allowing either 4, 8 or 10 steps – build it, stick the battery in for industrial techno-fun …

The workshop is £20 – all materials will be provided, and participants will be able to keep the synths upon completion of the sessions. PLEASE NOTE: the PunkSeq10 workshop requires participants to have some experience of soldering.

Places are limited to 10 people per session, so book your place ahead of the festival.