TUSK Music Presents

TUSK Festival 2017

October 13-15


French explorer Laurent Gérard aka Élg just released his latest dispatch Mauve Zone via Egyptian label Nashazphone, home of Islam Chipsy, Alvarius B, Sam Shalabi and others. His 10th solo album to date, he produces sounds that range from GRM-esque avant garde composition to concise and squeaky electro-pop and if we tell you he’s also collaborated with the likes of Bill Kouligas and Ghedalia Tazartes, it may give you some clue as to where to place him sonically. Dylan Nyoukis’ voice suddenly emerging from the beautiful soup of Mauve Zone is pleasantly disorientating and, like many of Gérard’s recordings, its appeal is perhaps enhanced by the fact that his music is so difficult to pin down and define.