TUSK Music Presents

TUSK Festival 2020

September 28-October 11


Norwegian noise artist Helge Sten a.k.a. DEATHPROD brings his sensory overload to the region for the first time, having just released his obliterating first album in 15 years, Occulting Disk, via Smalltown Supersound last year. A favourite of Will ‘Bonnie Price Billy’ Oldham who says in the sleevenotes that he enjoys listening to Deathprod with his Mum and that “I used to hear love in music until I learned to hear love in sound”, Sten is also a founder member of Norway’s improvising behemoth Supersilent. Often described as ambient, Sten’s take on ambience is one of gargantuan ethereality and sonic heft, hewn from the emissions of his table top of home-made and modified electronics, oscillators, Theremins, ring modulators and tape machines. Boomkat say of the new album, “Occulting Disk is an unmissable jump-off point into supernatural, metaphysical dimensions” and Deathprod’s sonics through Sage’s superb sound system combined with the work of his lighting engineer and lasers will make Sten’s performance an overwhelming aural and visual spectacle.