TUSK Music Presents

TUSK Festival 2018

October 12-14


Dale Cornish is a South London producer and performer best known for his fractured and jarring machine music. It’s a harshly sparse and spartan sonic world that much of Dale’s production inhabits, very heavy on the stasis, the rhythm and the arrhythmia. There’s a lot of silence and often acres of space in Dale’s music too (somehow without losing that nagging claustrophobia) and it takes a very particular mindset and skillset to make music this skeletal and yet so thoroughly compelling. Check Dale’s swelling discography, especially his acclaimed albums on the Entr’acte label – he even sings on occasion in his duo with Phil Julian (though understandably he has mixed feelings about that duo being described as “Coil for the Trump age”). As Resident Advisor observed in their review of his Cut Sleeve release, “Cornish…goes further than most in removing comfort and convention from synth and percussion loops. The effect is powerful, if not always pleasant on the ears.”