TUSK Music Presents

TUSK Festival 2018

October 12-14


The King by Chaines is a record that stopped us in our tracks when we first heard it. Passed to us by the now Newcastle-based Slip label, the album wrung insularity and yet grandiosity from its compositions and its various tangled strands suggested similar sources to other favourites of ours such as latterday Scott Walker, Klein and Élg. Its limited vinyl pressing quickly ran out and The King surely must be due to raise its head above the parapet for wider recognition for producer Cee Haines, who spent 3 years shaping the album. Cee has musical connections with Oliver Coates and Anna Meredith and a couple of the tracks on the album were commissions for London Contemporary Orchestra but the thing about The King is its singular sound and the character, almost a tangible person, that that sound invokes. Soundworld is a word too casually attributed to many records but Haines really has created one and we’re excited to present Chaines at TUSK and also see to see where Haines takes us next.