TUSK Music Presents

TUSK Festival 2018

October 12-14


This Blackpool consortium have been communing and erupting since 1985. Some online connections suggest they dissolved in 2015 but a late jolt suggests otherwise and their recent double vinyl anthology A Black Pool Legacy (Harbinger Sound) has brought the Hobs into sharp focus for many newer converts.

Mind-altering experiences are perhaps central to the Ceramic Hobs experience – they make psychedelic music of an often teeth-rattlingly raucous and ramshackle hue and many of their (many) former and current members are mental health survivors. The band have also been involved with the Mad Pride movement that seeks to challenge stigma around mental health issues and those that experience them.

In full flight, Ceramic Hobs envelop both The Fall and 13th Floor Elevators but ride a wave of rhythmic release that is utterly theirs and theirs only, pure clown car punk rock stream of consciousness alchemical genius that only they can put their name to.