TUSK Music Presents

TUSK Festival 2016

October 14-16


Sir Richard Bishop, Alan Bishop, Mark Gergis, Hisham Mayet are all renowned travelers of far-flung corners of Africa and Asia, travels that have borne beautiful fruit via the output of the great Sublime Frequencies label and the influence on their own musical interests. Sir Richard was a founder member of the label and continues to tread those less-trodden (by Westerners, anyway) paths and document his travels photographically.

We were snared by the violently-hued scenes frozen in the Captured In Asia series he posted online and wanted to bring them to TUSK and hurl them at your eyes on the largest canvas we could find, which is of course the very walls of Sage Gateshead. Come sunset and those across the river on Newcastle’s Quayside can enjoy them too as the images are blasted onto the wall above the entrance of Northern Rock Foundation Hall throughout the weekend.