TUSK Music Presents

TUSK Festival 2017

October 13-15


Irish musician Brigid Mae Power has rightly been compared to Anne Briggs, Judie Sill, Linda Perhacs even. No denying the echoes of all those artists run through her work. But to our ears, there’s a big fat dose of Tim Buckley in there, especially in the new recordings we’ve been a given a glimpse of but aren’t quite allowed to talk about yet.

Brigid’s two previous albums have been produced in collaboration with Portland, Oregon musician/producer Peter Broderick and Broderick appears with Brigid, raising up her voice and sending it skyward. And its Brigid’s voice that gets you – it has a fragility that speaks of some unknown pain but with a strength that meant she survived it. Like Buckley, there’s an unspoken longing that reverberates through every note, every extended line that feels like it might collapse in on itself at any moment yet meantime is climbing gloriously and breaking through the clouds to infinity.