TUSK Music Presents

TUSK Festival 2018

October 12-14


Newcastle-based visual artist Joseph Hillier made contact with the TUSK team in the latter days of our preparation to ask if we might find room for his blind blind blind blind installation – and when he explained it to us, we were immediately won over. blind blind blind blind consists a small darkened room containing 4 record decks, each playing an imperfect vinyl 12” copy of Blind by Talking Heads. Bonded to each 12” is a 3D printed zoetropic sculpture – the sculptures are not only illuminated by strobes but cause obstruction to each stylus, causing them to bounce around the record and create asymmetrical loops and samples. In Joe’s words, “The Mathematics of the frequency results in a series of endlessly looped futile dance moves constantly on repeat to the shifting cacophony of the soundtracks”. The installation is open all weekend in one of the pods on the outside of Hall One – look for the signs or ask a volunteer for directions.