TUSK Music Presents

TUSK Festival 2017

October 13-15


Archipelago is comprised of 3 of Newcastle’s most watchable musicians of recent years. Christian Alderson is certainly very high on our list of favourite drummers anywhere and also boasts the record number of appearances at TUSK Festival (this is his 5th time). Faye MacCalman is making a name for herself for her considered and occasionally explosive handling of reed instruments (saxophone in this case) and John Pope is a joy to behold on upright or horizontal bass.

Together as Archipelago, the trio should be easy to define but its not quite just free jazz, there’s an element of power trio but then they swerve into Tied & Tickled trio territory, they blaze and then they motor and then it all implodes and re-invents itself. Best of all, its 3 players together who just bring so much pleasure to their playing. It’s great to see them getting attention further afield of late too and, along with BRB/Culver, Archipelago will bring a merciless wake-up call on Sunday lunchtime at Workplace Gallery.