TUSK Music Presents

TUSK Festival 2018

October 12-14


Two much-loved names each with a long established pedigree in extracting sound from unexpected sources and long overdue an appearance at TUSK, so it’s a double treat to also present them in a rare duo together. Adam previously exhibited his singular collage work at TUSK in 2015 courtesy of our friends at Newbridge Books and did give a brief performance there but its good to finally draw him into the heart of TUSK’s live action. He quickly becomes a cult figure to those who stumble across his work, drawing sound from kitchen tools and quotidian items never normally seen to harbour musical intent. His Music And Words albums (2 chapters to date) are a joyous introduction, put together almost in diary form and veering from caustic domestic sound collages to being called downstairs for his tea. Lee Patterson is also drawn towards atypical sound sources such as burning nuts and seeds or the creak and moan of cooling sparklers, amplified and writ very large via contact mics and sound system. He’s also previously appeared at Sage working with underwater sounds from Northumbrian rivers and has created quite an armory of his own unique instruments and noise-makers. Over a very far-reaching body of work, he’s worked with artists as sonically diverse as Atilla Csihar (Sunn O))) ) and John Tilbury. Even more good news – Lee is in Gateshead all weekend as part of The Old Police House’s TUSK Fringe programme.