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TUSK Festival 2021

This is how we survive...


The benefits of us having filmed TUSK live sets since 2012, and streamed it live since 2014, is that we’ve amassed a quite huge archive of performances – over 100 films now online with over a ¼ million views in total. Partly to help us celebrate our 10th edition of TUSK, we’ve been able to recover archive footage from our 2012 and 2013 editions for the first time. Two magical weekends at the Star & Shadow Cinema including such titans as Fushitsusha, Hijokaidan, Hieroglyphic Being, Gate, Pelt, Borbetomagus, Endless Boogie, ENDON, Smegma and much more. We’ll be serving up one or more archive treats each night as part of TUSK Virtual.

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